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The cross beam adopt light physical design that structure has stiffness well, the weight is light and the motion inertia is less etc.Gantry type structure Y axis adopt bi-motor drives pair and X,Y,Z adopt round slide way,stable working accuracy of drive is high.Widely used on solid ligheing character cut the tank shaped metal decking and bottom plate, cutting precision could reach good performance.Watch with other advertising equipment, form production assembly line on adwords processing technic, resolve completely the trditional manual processing mode. Efficiency improves several tens times.The cutting hole is small,tidy and there is no residue phenomenon, has avoided trimming treatment for the second time.The cutting speed is higher, precision is higher and the cost is lower.The product opf domestic famousbrand manufacturer which has been conferred many awards on China national patent technologies, is matched to the plasma power supply and plasma cutting gun.

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